Munggur Bun Side Table

Munggur Bun Side Table

This Munggur Bun Side Table is hand carved, making every piece unique in design and look. Cracks , imperfections and colour variations form part of the character.


  • Timber movement will occur as it is a natural product.
  • It can be used Outdoors, but the wood will weather and go sungrey in time, with the wood cracking to form part of the natural characteristics.
  • Please note size mentioned is an approximate only.
  • Due to the high moisture content of this natural product, please do not place it on a carpet as this can lead to staining.
Product Code:
Hand Finished
Munggur Wood
L 500mm | W 500mm | H 350mm
0.121 m³



Wipe wood daily with a slightly damp cotton cloth to remove dust. Never use harsh chemicals to cle an spots and spills. Due to the high moisture content of this product, it is not recommended that it be placed on a carpet as this could lead to staining. Can be used outside but the wood will wea ther. Through sun exposure the patina of this natural product will change to grey in time. Do not place this product on a carpet, as this could lead to staining.