Horn Dining Chair – Leather

Horn Dining Chair – Leather

The Punto Chair is based on designs by Hans Wegner, one of the most innovative and prolific of all Danish Furniture designers that made mid-century Danish Design internationally popular.

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Teak Wood, Natural Caramel
Leather, Teak
L 560mm | W 500mm | H 750mm
0.3 m³

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Leather improves with age, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight or consistent UV light as discolouration and fading will result. Dust regularly with a feather duster and wipe with a soft, slightly damp cloth in order to prevent accumulation of dust. Dust can act as a corrosive and damage the patina of the leather. Occasional vacuuming with a soft brush can remove surface dust. No harsh detergents or cleaning agents are recommended, other than a little water to slightly dampen a cloth. Do not use artificial heat or harsh sunlight to dry leather furniture. This can cause the leather to become dry or to crack. For stubborn marks professional cleaning is recommended. Wipe wood daily with a cotton cloth to remove dust. Avoid harsh soaps and chemicals. Sponge with a mild solution of water and soap (dish washing liquid). Using mostly the foam is recommended.