Chinese Antiques

Decorating is so much more than filling your space with furniture. It’s an opportunity to show off your interests, your style. And what could be better than adding in a piece from years gone by? Want to know the story behind your one of a kind Chinese antique? Browse our products below, send a product enquiry or speak to one of our sales consultants for assistance.

Made in China

Our range of Chinese Antiques may well be our best kept secret. A curated collection of handmade pieces, meticulously made that withstood the test of time. When decorating with antiques, make sure this prized possession doesn’t get lost in your room. Turn them into a highlight, a special focal point. Portray them on a wooden table, or display them on one of our coffee tables. Antiques work really well when paired with other decorative accents, such as candles, mirrors or striking wall artwork.

Need help?

Our sales consultants pride themselves in their extensive product knowledge and efficient service. Send an enquiry or visit our showroom in Melbourne for expert advice and a healthy dose of design inspiration.

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Shanxi Dining Chair SF10-049


Shandong Dining Chair