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Stockholm 2015: A Frame For Life

This week all eyes are on Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015. (See – Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017)

Stockholm is pure refreshment. Style radiates from everything and everyone. From the people walking the streets to the buildings and especially, the interiors.

The Scandinavian aesthetic is known for its lack of affectation, and brilliant mix of old and new.

Walking through the old town, there’s magic at every turn. You can slip into a narrow alley, look up, and see how all the shutters on a gothic building are actually mirrors reflecting the cloudy sky above. Clever, clean, modern ingenuity with a simplicity of intention that showcases the one thing that is endlessly enthralling – nature.

And this year’s Guest of Honour at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: Ilse Crawford.

Ilse plays with bringing the visual musings of textures, tones and patterns in life into design.

Going from the outside in, her mind shapes spaces that can be inhabited super-comfortably. Spaces that function for people and work on a human scale.

We’re talking about the happiness that comes from working in a great kitchen, making a fantastic photocopy room, or the possibility of having moveable shelving where you can place all your objects but still have a sense of being connected to others.

Ilse has been honoured by the design community in this way because she creates beauty in the world. And people who create beauty, make life feel like it sits gently on the rest of us.

These are some of her favourite images, from Ilse’s online photo gallery. Wonderful to look through the eyes of another.