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A Basketful Of Hoi An

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The colourful baskets available at Weylandts are such vivid reminders of our travels in Vietnam last year.
Entering into the sprawling markets of places like Hoi An and Hanoi sets the senses alight. The colours, the smells, the noisy natter of bargaining filling the air.
Gusts of steam rise into your face from the giant dishes stir frying fresh produce picked just this morning.
Vivid green bunches of bok-choy still encrusted with fresh dirt hang from the stalls. Ruby red tomatoes piled high in woven baskets. An array of aromas reminding you of the breakfast you seek. Fresh baguettes from the past French colonial influence arousing hunger.
Bodies bump as you stop to watch a string of locals unloading their fresh produce so early in the morning. The peaks of their conical leaf hats like little turrets protecting them from the heat of the sun already burning through.
The essence of the Vietnamese market place caught somewhere between the energy of a modern frantic city and the romantic tradition of the old world market place.

There really is something unique about Asian market places. Something that has stood still in time.

Early morning rendezvous of locals gathering to gossip as they sip on their syrypy sweet condensed milk coffees. Shopping for their daily produce brought in at the crack of dawn by farmers.

Rising early to watch the bustle of life moving, bumping, hustling in the narrow lanes feeling inspired by its flowing vibrancy.

The sights and smells and colours of life. What a sensorial tour.


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