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Maison Bound

This snapshot of Maison is by South African blogger Emma Jane Nation who visited the farm earlier this summer.
The steadfast old whitewashed farmhouse with its variegated galvanised roof is a particularly resonant picture in my mind, when I travel.
Seeing it reminded me again how wonderful it is to hang my hat here.
How lucky am I, to have Antwan my winemaker steer the tractor. And chef Arno at the skillet, providing Moroccan roasted lamb to come home to, and wood roasted cauliflower with white chocolate creme fraiche. Pinch myself. There.
This homecoming, to Maison, feels so right.
Endings are all different, all significant in their own way. When something ends – a year, a job, a monumental pile of work, a season – it calls for reflection.
Frank Herbert (author of Dune) said something that I once wrote down:
‘There is no real ending. There is just the place where you stop the story.’
And if you think about it, there are many, many things that don’t ever really end, they just restart in a different way.
So we have ended another year. I’m zipping up my bag now. Next year we shall restart in a different way.
I have things to read, plant, make, wrap, and unwrap.
All of life is a present, really.
Enjoy the photo story of Maison by Emma Jane Nation. You can read it here.