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Au Revior 2014

How Team Weylandts wrapped up the year that was.
Our studio and office shindig under those creaky old oaks on the lawns at Maison.
Chef Arno plated up his best choppings. Antwan, my winemaker, brought out the jewels from our cellar, including my favourite vintages of Maison Straw Wine, Chardonnay and Shiraz.
The weather gods were kind. Eames, our Great Dane, was a good dog. Besides chasing one of the chickens into a state of almost headlessness behind a lemon tree, he never put a paw out of line.
I think it’s important – essential really – to reflect on the collective contribution that makes a plan come together. Gratitude and reflection make life taste good.
Amongst many milestones, 2013-2014 was the year of our Australian landing. Being a brand with dual nationality feels so right. Melburnians have been so welcoming.
We gave our photographer Jessamy Steenkamp the day off (her extra mile in 2014 is evident wherever you look) and passed the iPad around to document the day through the eyes of the team.
These are all of our pictures. One thing they have in common is a proper sense of contentment, and a very warm smile.
I’ll drink to that.