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This is where the line is, says Vogue

Via Vogue
Whether by way of hand wirework done by the Indian wiresmiths, or a more machined style Spirogyra, the idea of two dimensional pattern becoming 3-D chairs, tables and other functional kinds of usefulness, has taken hold. Our stores are full of similar design expressions lately and it was great to see our Croco table making the cut in Vogue Living’s exploration of the look.
St Petersberg artist Anya Zholud’s 2-D room installation
‘From Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man to Glen Baxter’s comic strips, our interest in line drawings suggests a penchant for pared-back design. Taking the interiors trend of graphic motifs beyond the fine line is an emergence of ‘two dimensional’ furniture, preceded in 2007 by artist Anya Zholud’s installations and taken to extremes by South Korean designer Jinil Park, whose chairs, tables and lamps look like rough sketches. Stephan Schultz’s chair, meanwhile, requires a ‘creative collaboraion’ with its owner to fill its structure with personal items. Perhaps our inclination for the outline lies in a childhood wish to colour in life’s white spaces with ourselves.’
That’s what Vogue says. I like that. The look is where the new school modernists are pitching their tents now.
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