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The Metal of the Moment

Black has always been one of my favourite colours. The colour resonates in many of our products, but the black metal trend is hardly new. In fact, medieval nobility were the first to use wrought iron as decorative accents in their homes. It fell out of favour for a few centuries until the emergence of the Industrial trend reignited interested in rough and rustic finishes.

Fast-forward to 2016 and welders are the new rock stars. No longer rough and overwrought, black metal has evolved and assumed a more contemporary aesthetic. Expect to see it everywhere from factory-style windows and table legs to lighting fixtures and kitchen appliances, and being mixed with plants and warmer décor. You can browse my selection black metal furniture.

In the living room, black metal is the perfect way to transform furniture into stylish and essential features of a room’s design and provides the ideal counter to light walls and cabinetry.

Experiment with this versatile trend. If you need inspiration, visit our Pinterest board.



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