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That’sThe Spirit

Are you chopping nuts, whitewashing the guest cottage, stacking beach towels and piling up fire wood, while trying to hunt down a palmful of pine nuts?
Feet not really up yet? That makes a crowd of us.
And if you feel you’ve been too taken up ticking things perfunctorily off shopping lists, then start ignoring that list a little, and get on with the important business of getting into the spirit of things.
Go find some fruit and pick the mint for the punch. Press cloves into oranges.
Or make a wreath, like the one pictured so disarmingly simply, above.
We could do this with eyes closed, could we not?
The wreath, as well as this still life in stone and olive green, is fresh from New York, from the guys at The Line whose stunning home and blog always make me look twice, and then look again and again. Their place, their art direction and their ideas are always remarkable.
The cheese and fruit platter looms large in our lives at this time. Have you seen our beautiful cheeseboards this season?
Stunning combinations of marble and wood, now on WOW. Jump in before our stores close for the holiday break later today.
Wreath making. Complete instructions are available here, if you like, but doing one of these is like falling off a log. All you’d need -besides the log – are some olive branches and a few basic tools. Essentially you wrap branches of olive around a wire circle frame, tying it all up and then finishing with a satin flourish in elegant olive green.
Charm factor.  Uncontrived and personal. Small brown kraft packets filled with nuts, self-made truffles, your own biscotti or something else small made by you. We like how The Line made them double as menus.
Bring it home:
Tasty things to give your table the je ne sais quoi you’ve come to expect of it at high season.
Our reindeers are made using environmentally harvested indigenous natural material, crafted by disadvantaged communities.
Our marble and wood combination cheeseboards are less 15% to our WOW loyalty club members and they also make superb gifts. From R195.
Weylandts is still open for last minute shopping, although most Weylandts stores will close a little earlier today, 23 December, for the holiday break.
Check our website for details.