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Still Life With Natural History

Some current page pulls from my office wall.
An Alpine lodge, featured in Elle Decor UK, shows how a combination of charcoal and bare timber, animal hide and memory-rich linen, shittake taupes and faded teals, pulls together a powerful picture.
I feel drawn to those handsome horns and almost floral display of antlers on the wall above the bedroom. (Last shot.) Evidence that the taxidermist is back in town, and right up there with the blacksmith and the carpenter.
There’s a renewed fascination with objects steeped in natural history. Though it’s a universal longing to want to preserve fragments of life to honour and cherish, I enjoy how collections of these objects remind me of the plains and the outback, bush and bundu.
I call it the new Africana. The good earth never forgets.
Our Weylandts collections of horns and trophies are ever-expanding and we have new elements in-store to entice the natural historian in you. Time for a little browse?