Good living

Fire. Earth. Water. Air.

The aesthetic of Portugal has been in the ether this week. And look what the Portuguese craftsmen have brought to the table now.
A style of stoneware that speaks of an era of disarming honesty. Rustic is the word. Nothing trying too hard to be anything but useful, strong and beautifully formed. Good values, those.
The intention is pure and the forms honest. Earth, shaped by water and air, born of fire. Spirited into new forms by artisan hands.
This homewares collection takes its inspiration from the white sands and deep blue waters of salty, sensual Portugal.
Each piece, hand made and coaxed into a poetry of form by artisan ceramicists at an established studio in Castanheira.
The kind of collection will live in your summer house for ten, maybe twenty years. For your forever table.
Love this lot.
Available in Pottery Pool blue, Cream whitewash and Coastal two-tone.