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The colours, textures, tones and flavours of Jaipur, in a collection of modern heirlooms for your floor. Hand spun, knotted and dyed in pure silk, by hands that know their stuff. The carpet industry is being revolutionised by new stunning new techniques.


Every knot, every stitch, every thread, painstakingly by human hands. By artisans who have learned the ropes from former generations.

This is the state of the modern art of carpet-making now. Incredible pigments are used to transfrom these stunningly well woven pieces (some of them made from recycled saris), giving them a uniquely modern feel.

For me, seeing these massive blocks of organic jewel toned textiles completely reignites my interest in carpets.

Like the narrator says, it’s not just the craftsmanship and the colour washing. The sun has a part to play. It has an extraordinary effect on the dyed silks and wool. An unexpected intensity here, a subtle fading there. That’s what makes them so modern.

The genie is out of the bottle.





The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle from Weylandts on Vimeo. Edited from a Source Stories film by Paul Austin.

A collection of similar jewel coloured silk heirloom carpets is available at Weylandts in South Africa and in Melbourne, Australia.